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Advisory Council


Persons listed below have served as advisory panel members providing counsel and guidance for the conduct of the Symposium. In that capacity, Council members have been called upon to suggest topics for future meetings, recommend peer reviewers for papers, suggest dates and places for future symposia, assist in the designation of programmes, and provide liaison with institutions and other organisations. 

Ulla Alhfors Raj Mestry
Associate Professor Professor
School of Business and Economics University of Johannesburg
Jyväskylä University South Africa
  Renee Nathanson
Jan Arlebrink Lecturer
Senior Lecturer and Researcher Department of Education
Theology and Religious Studies Stellenbosch University
Lund University South Africa
  Michelle Ovens
Hugh Benjamin Professor
Former Deputy Director School of Criminal Justice
Stantonbury School University of South Africa
United Kingdom South Africa
Kathleen Burke Lynn Penrod
Associate Dean Professor
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
Johns Hopkins University University of Alberta
US Canada
Catherine Cerulli Linda Perkins
Director Susan B Anthony Center Associate Professor and Director
University of Rochester Medical Center Applied Women's Studies
US Claremont Graduate University
Robbie Collins  
Head of Campus Linda Plunkett
University of Wollongong Nonprofit Consulting
Australia US
Minoo Derayeh Carolee Polek
Associate Professor, Chair Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences
Department of Equity Studies University of Delaware
York University US
  Regina Redinha
Christine Garlough Professor
Associate Professor Faculty of Law
Department of Gender and Women's Studies & University of Porto
Department of Comparative Literature Portugal
University of Wisconsin-Madison  
US Cornelia Roux
  Professor and Director of Research
Amitabh Dube Faculty of Educational Sciences
Professor of Physiology North West University
S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur South Africa
  Richard Salmon
Sarah Gendron School of Education
Associate Professor, French & French Literature Virginia Tech
Marquette University US
  Brenda Seevers
Anthony Gray Professor, Department of Ag. & Extension Education
Professor New Mexico State University
Law School US
University of South Queensland  
Australia Susan Shaw
  Professor and  Director
Liu Hairong School of Language, Culture, and Society
All-China Women's Federation Oregon State University
UN Initiative for Women and Children US
  Rahel Steinbach
Margarethe Hochleitner Programme Officer, Energy Branch
Professor Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
Innsbruck Medical University United Nations Environment Programme
Austria France
Richard Hunter KT Sunhitha
Professor Professor, Department of English
College of Education University of Mysore
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign India
  Cynthia Cupit Swenson
Shinko Ichinohe Professor, Family Services Research Center
Professor Medical University of South Carolina
School of Business Administration US
Saitama Gakuen University  
Japan Michal Tomášek
  Professor and Head of Department
Martin Jackson European Law
Senior Lecturer Charles University
School of Psychological Science Czech Republic
  Shirley Wilcher
Amy Johnson Executive Director
Professor of Nursing American Assoc. for Access Equity and Diversity
University of Delaware US
  David Wolfe
Denise Kleinrichert Professor and Head
Associate Professor, Management/Ethics Center for Addiction and Mental Health
College of Business University of Toronto
San Francisco State University Canada
  Nalini Moodley-Diar
Aroha Te Pareake Mead Professor, Executive Dean, and Chair: Women in Leadership Forum
Professor Tshwane University of Technology
Victoria Business School South Africa
Victoria University  
New Zealand  

Important Dates:

15-17 July 2024

Abstract Submission: 24 June

Regular Registration: 16 June

Late Registration for Observers: 30 June

Late Registration for Presenters: 22 June

What our Alumni are Saying

The Audacity to Stand - Esta Broderick-Winkle
A poem dedicated to the 20th Oxford Women's Leadership Symposium
EstaBroderick_The Audacity to Stand.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [83.3 KB]

"I found all the presentations very interesting. It was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on women's issues. The discussion after my presentation was very enriching and I will take it into account in my further research."

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Some of the December 2019 participants
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