Women's Leadership Symposium in Oxford
Women's Leadership  Symposium in Oxford

Visa Requirements



The information below is intended to assist conference attendees with their travel arrangements. Please consult the UKBA  Home Office website to establish whether you need to obtain a visa to enter the UK. Make sure you leave enough time for the application. You can find out how long it takes to process a visa in your home country on the website. Also, be sure to supply sufficient evidence.


To obtain a letter to assist you in applying for a visa, please contact us   info@oxford-womens-leadership-symposium.com.


Some of the August 2018 participants

20–22 March 2019, Somerville College

31 July - 2 August 2019, Green Templeton College

4–6 December 2019, Somerville College

What our Alumni are Saying

"Many thanks for an amazing experience."

"The experience far exceeded my expectation."

"I found all the presentations very interesting. It was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on women's issues. The discussion after my presentation was very enriching and I will take it into account in my further research."

Some of the August 2016 participants
Some of the March 2017 participants
Some of the August 2017 participants
Some of the March 2019 participants
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