Women's Leadership Symposium in Oxford
Women's Leadership  Symposium in Oxford

Suggested Topics

Below are topics of particular interest; however, papers/talks may include any issue relating to women, gender and/or leadership.


  • Gender Equity
  • Gender and History
  • Women and Athletics
  • Women’s Leadership Development
  • Women in Science
  • Women in the University: Benefits and Barriers
  • Market Limitations on Women's Careers
  • Glass Ceilings in the Workplace
  • Economics of Gender
  • Women at Work: Women Executives and Company Boards
  • Women and Social Justice: A Dilemma
  • Women in the Military: Motherhood, War and Veterans
  • Politics of Gender in Transnational Contexts
  • Gender and the Environment
  • Feminist Geography
  • Women's Health
  • Feminist Biology
  • The Future of Feminism
  • Culture and Women’s Progress
  • Politics of Abortion
  • Artificial reproductive technologies
  • Women’s Education and Population Growth
  • Women’s Health, Politics and the Child
  • Women’s Rights and the Law
  • Women and Media Studies
  • Child Marriage
  • All topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • Abuse of Women and #MeToo
  • Papers and presentations regarding the above areas are of particular interest to the conference. However, these suggested areas of research and writing are not meant to be limitations, and the conference programme is open to all substantive areas of formal and informal inquiry into the rewards and challenges of leadership for women. Investigators may present papers documenting relevant activities, pilot studies, feasibility studies or developmental work. “Structured presentations,” by definition, must convey viewpoints supported by a framework of literature essential to the matter under discussion.

Some of the August 2018 participants

4–6 December 2019, Somerville College

23-24 March 2020, Somerville College

What our Alumni are Saying

"Many thanks for an amazing experience."

"The experience far exceeded my expectation."

"I found all the presentations very interesting. It was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on women's issues. The discussion after my presentation was very enriching and I will take it into account in my further research."

Some of the August 2016 participants
Some of the March 2017 participants
Some of the August 2017 participants
Some of the March 2019 participants
Some of the August 2019 participants
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